Decarburized annealed steel coil

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Oriented silicon steel | Non-oriented silicon steel | Galvanized coils

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    Cibao New Sheet (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd


    Cibao New Sheet (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. is a modern new type enterprise engaged in oriented electrical steel and galvanized sheet for household appliances. The company was established in November 2005, with a registered capital of 23 million US dollars, and its address is located at 399 Yangzijiang Road, Haimen Port, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Haimen City, Jiangsu Province. The products have international competitive advantages and meet the needs of modern industries. The main products of the company are high magnetic induction low loss oriented electrical steel and galvanized sheet for household appliances. The specifications of oriented electrical steel include: 23Q85, 23Q90, 23Q95, 27Q100, 27Q105, 27Q110, 27Q120, and other electrical steels, mainly used in large transformers, nuclear power plants, hydropower stations, and military projects. Specification of galvanized coil plate: thickness 0.2mm - 3.0mm, width 1m - 1.5m.

    The total investment of our company's oriented electrical steel project is about 382 million yuan, covering an area of 89 mu. Using internationally advanced low energy consumption and low pollution equipment, the main production lines include: 20 high rolling mill, decarburization and annealing line, magnesium coating line, stretch leveling line, and 96 sets of high-temperature bell type annealing furnace; Production lines such as cold base galvanizing line, longitudinal cutting line, and Kaiping unit have an annual output of 60000 tons of oriented electrical steel and 360000 tons of galvanized coil plate.

    The Cibao team has always adhered to the business philosophy of operating with integrity and serving customers. The goal is to continuously improve product quality and create a comprehensive and win-win industrial chain. At the same time, we should take environmental protection into account, take corporate social responsibility as our own responsibility, and strive for the rise of independent brands in China's steel industry.

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