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Bell type annealing furnace

Cold rolled strip steel hood annealing furnace

The bell-type annealing furnace for cold rolled strip steel coils is a batch production method. If you want to place multiple steel coils in the furnace, you need to place intermediate convection plates between the steel coils.

Manufacturer of bell type annealing furnace

The convection plate of the bell type annealing furnace requires a reasonable structure, increasing air flow as much as possible, high strength, non deformability, and low price. This can be considered from both material selection and design structure. The middle and top convection plates should be Q235. The bottom convection plate is heavy and not frequently replaced. It is best to use heat resistant steel structures. However, due to width limitations, heat resistant steel plates are not easy to buy. Therefore, 20g or Q235 steel structural members can be used instead. There have been more than one attempts at heat-resistant steel castings, but they have all failed due to crack damage.

Bell type annealing furnace

The bell type annealing furnace production line, Cibao New Sheet Metal (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. currently has 90 sets of high-temperature bell type annealing furnaces with an annual output of 60000 tons
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